Paddock maintenance & paddock creation

Paddock Maintenance, Allensmore, Herefordshire.

Donkeys, horses and ponies

A cold, wet winter or hot, dry summer can have equally devastating effects on your land and with whoever lives in your paddock it’s sure to take some damage. From bare patches of grass to churned up muddy areas, keeping a paddock in top condition for its inhabitants is a full time job. Let Daniel Squire of Hereford take this weight off your shoulders. If your paddock is in top condition it will improve the grazing quality of the grass and possibly cut down on feed costs for you. We also provide a paddock creation service. Preparing the ground and installing quality boundary controls and fencing.

Hot & dry – Cold & wet

From the first lush growth of spring to the cold, hard frost bitten ground of winter, Daniel Squire can help you maintain your paddock by:
  • Clearing overgrown patches 
  • Keeping bare patches to a minimum by reseeding where necessary
  • Controlling weeds, some of which could be harmful to your livestock
  • Aerating hard, compacted areas to promote growth
  • Rolling to improve ground quality after winter
  • Keeping grass overgrowth in the summer to a minimum
  • Maintaining fencing and boundaries

Secure fencing & boundaries

In addition to taking care of the actual groundwork involved in maintaining a paddock, Daniel Squire can also provide you with secure, durable fencing and gates. Specialist livestock and agricultural fencing needs to be much stronger than the fencing you’d use for a garden. It needs to withstand animals, weather and much more. We can design bespoke fencing and gates for your land and all our work carries full guarantees. Contact us today to discuss your requirements. We can also help you with new stables, field shelters, barns and other timber structures.

From grass
to gates

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