Hedge Cutting, Planting and Maintenance throughout Herefordshire

Let Daniel Squire look after all your Hedge Needs

At Daniel Squire Ltd we offer a range of services relating to hedge control, including hedge planting to establish a new hedge, trimming and maintenance of existing hedges, hedge height reduction and hedge removal across Hereford and Herefordshire.
Our Hedge Management Services for both Domestic and Commercial Customers include   

Hedge Cutting in Church Street, Hereford, with the cathedral in the background

Hedge Planting

  • Define your property boundary
  •  Attract wildlife
  •  Security or Privacy Reasons
  •  Create a Windbreak
  •  Allow our experts to advise you on the correct Plants

Hedge Maintenance 

  • Hedge Pruning to achieve preferred shaping
  •  Hedge Trimming (May to September) to main shape

Hedge Cutting 

At Daniel Squire we carry out hedge cutting at the correct time of year to avoid disturbing nesting birds. This usually takes place between April and August, depending on bird activity.

Hedge Reduction 

Hedge Pruning to minimise disfigurement and allow production of new foliage.

Hedge Height Assessment

Hedge Height Assessment For those affected by high hedges we provide assessment for local authorities.
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Let Daniel Squire keep your hedge looking perfect all year round.

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