Grounds Care

Grounds care and maintenance

£5 million public liability insurance

General care and maintenance

Keeping your grounds in good condition doesn’t just mean heavy duty work. It also needs to take the details into account; the general trimming, clipping, cutting and tidying that needs to go on in every corner to make sure that everything looks just so. At Daniel Squire of Hereford we take pride in our eye for detail, ensuring that nothing is left to chance with our grounds care service.

Surface cleaning

Over time it’s all too apparent that any surface will eventually become covered in a film of grime, dust and dirt. Left unattended this can lead to the growth of moss and slime moulds. With an array of surface cleaning tools, we will be able to both remove any build-up of dirt and work to prevent any further build up in future.

Repair work

Over time it’s only natural for things to fall into disrepair. If anything within your grounds needs attention, we will be able to provide it. We work to replace worn materials, repair those that are still serviceable and treat and protect everything to improve lifespan as much as possible. From brick and stone to concrete and timber, we will keep everything in ideal condition.

Keep your grounds well maintained throughout the year

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