Firewood Supplies

High Quality Firewood Supplies & Seasoned Logs

Seasonal Firewood & Logs Delivered To Your Door
(Free Delivery Within 10 Mile Radius of Hereford)

Local Quality Firewood. These photos show how local our Firewood is. 
We fell difficult trees across Herefordshire, dry it thoroughly,
process it, bag it and deliver it for FREE around Hereford

Seasoned Firewood

Daniel Squire's seasoned firewood and logs are known for quality. As one of Herefordshire's most reputable suppliers
of seasoned hardwood logs, you'll find our firewood consistently top grade, and our service fast, friendly and
efficient. Every last log is sustainably sourced from our tree work service and thoroughly seasoned. We test for moisture before delivering direct to your door
to aim for 100% perfect burn quality. This means when we deliver (free to anywhere within a 10 mile radius of
Hereford) your firewood is bone dry and ready to burn.

Why Seasoning Matters

Seasoning is critical to quality. And drying the logs in a barn is so much better than kiln dried firewood. Freshly felled hardwood tends to have about 50% moisture
content. If this burns it creates an extremely poor fire together with a lot of creosote (a cause of chimney fires and not good for the environment). We season and dry our logs thoroughly, making them 60% more
energy efficient than at the time of felling.
No seasoning, no roaring fire!
  • SPECIAL OFFER £85 per cubic metre with FREE delivery within 10 miles of Hereford. For Discounted Firewood you can collect from our yard in Stoke Edith (Further discount available for Multiple Loads).

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